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Testimonials (currently under construction)

Popiel is currently soliciting testimonials from satisfied colleagues and clients.

If you would like to write her one, send to: scenicdesigner@hotmail.com and she will be very happy to post yours. Short is good! (2 or 3 sentences) and.........THANKS!


TESTIMONIALS from collegues and clients

"Ms. Popiel exhibits absolute professionalism and unbounding creative energy from the beginning stages of a project to the finish. The always positive aspect of her personality and limitless creative ideas are thoroughly evident from the initial concept meeting to the actual load in of the show." 

-Richard Albero/Production Manager ABC News and ABC Sports [Ret.]


"Elizabeth Popiel is one of the most talented and inspired people I have had the pleasure of knowing and learning from.  She is gifted with the ability to realize a task to its completion with an attention to detail that is unparalleled.  Her skill is exceptional and her execution is matched by her dedication to every project she handles.  Whatever the occasion calls for, Elizabeth not only rises it to it, but surpasses it beyond expectation and on time."

 --Felicia Gallo, Textile Designer, Painter  Cranston Printworks Co


"Liz Popiel is a joy and  pleasure to work with. We worked together on 'THE VIEW' for a few years and her creative ideas were unparalleled.  We are again back together at Good Morning America and Good Morning America Weekend and I must say she has not missed a step and her youthful enthusiasm is a joy to watch."    

-Darren Joseph GMA Studio Head.