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Reply Gaiversmamy
4:31 AM on August 20, 2018 

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Reply kenon
4:43 AM on July 12, 2018 
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Reply AlbertBroth
4:11 PM on July 11, 2018 
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Reply Jim Irvine
12:39 PM on June 16, 2012 
Hi Betty, I came across your site via facebook. It looks like you're doing very well for yourself; good for you! Your old RI College pal, Jim Irvine
Reply Christopher Van Jura
10:24 AM on May 25, 2011 
FANTASTIC SITE LIZ! It's amazing how years of hard work can be squeezed into this site ... Really wonderful. The ultimate reward for me is knowing that i was able to "play" on those stages which you designed. Brilliant work
Reply Patrick Devine
8:34 AM on April 26, 2011 
Hi. Looks like quite the place you have going.
Drop me a note sometime. :)

a.k.a. "A Boy and His Puppy"
Reply Lauren Sarnataro
11:53 AM on November 4, 2010 
Liz, You are an amazing artist and your work is a joy to look at.

Reply Ron
12:21 AM on September 28, 2010 
Liz, Some very nice work. I like your renderings a lot!